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Diaspora Training Toolkit

Pilot Training Session

12 December 2023

2pm – 3.30pm GMT

Within the framework of the IOM-UNDP Global Programme on Making Migration Work for Sustainable Development, IOM is developing a comprehensive training toolkit for diaspora organizations to enhance their knowledge, capacities and skills to engage and contribute to sustainable development programmes, initiatives and actions in the countries across the migration cycle. To achieve this, IOM has engaged a group of consultants for the elaboration and development of the comprehensive training toolkit for diaspora organizations which could be then further adapted to the national, local or project contexts and used for specific trainings activities organized by IOM and its partner organizations, including governments and specialized training institutions in their training curricular.


To empower diaspora organizations through skill-building, knowledge transfer and collaborative learning, fostering their capacity to contribute effectively to community development and sustainable initiatives.


Diaspora Organizations' representatives, diaspora communities and diaspora individuals

Online training session of one of the Modules from Diaspora Training Toolkit



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