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2nd Global Diaspora Week


all Diaspora Organizations

11 - 17 December UTC/GMT)

Organized by

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With the support of

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Global Diaspora Week and Assembly

As set forth in the Constitution of Global Diaspora Confederation, the GDC shall facilitate the ‘Global Diaspora Assembly’ for Diaspora Organizations to discuss, debate and make recommendations on subjects pertaining to diaspora and their supporting communities.

From 2021 onwards, the GDC aims to organize a week of global activities for Diaspora Organizations across six continents. Every year, the week provides more opportunities to achieve the ambitions of the Global Diaspora Assembly. We name this the 'Global Diaspora Week'.

Global Humanitarian Assistance Meeting (Session 31)

13 December 2021 (1 hour)                 UTC / GMT:   3pm - 4pm

The GDC and UN IOM will host a High-Level Consultation Meeting for Humanitarian Assistance (GDC Group for HA1).

Diaspora Organizations, partners, experts are welcome to register and join us to discuss the new Global Humanitarian Hub's future for stronger diaspora engagement.

Hosted by

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With the support of

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Consultation Sessions


to SDGs


Hours spent
on organizing


30 mln+

Linking to Diasporas

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Theme: Sustainable Development & Migration: Harnessing Global Diaspora Organisations’ Efforts for Development.

Open Ceremony



Day 1

UTC 8am – 9am

Pacific Standard Time 12am – 1am

 New Zealand Time 9pm – 10pm

12 December

UTC 2am – 4am (16 December)

Pacific Standard Time 6pm – 8pm

Eastern Standard Time 9pm – 11pm

15 December




Day 1

UTC 9am – 11am

Turkey Time 12pm – 2pm

Japan Standard Time 6pm – 8pm

12 December

UTC 11pm – 1am

Ecuador Time 6pm – 8pm

Brasilia Time 8pm – 10pm

16 December

UTC  5pm – 7pm

West Africa Time 6pm – 8pm

East Africa Time 8pm – 10pm

13 December


Day 6

UTC 7am  – 9am

Australian Eastern Daylight Time 6pm – 8pm

New Zealand Time 8pm – 10pm

17 December

UTC 6pm – 8pm

GMT 6pm – 8pm

Eastern European Time 8pm – 10pm

14 December



Day 7

UTC 2pm – 3.30pm

Pacific Standard Time 6am – 7.30am

New Zealand Time 3am – 4.30am (19 December)

18 December


Global Diaspora Week

Open Ceremony

Welcome to the first diaspora-led Global Diaspora Week for Diaspora Organizations across the world.


The Open Ceremony will celebrate the beginning and determination of Global Diaspora Confederation in working with Diaspora Organizations in the coming years. The ceremony will consist of keynote speeches, showcasing some examples of Diaspora Organizations' achievements, and launching the Week of the 31 High-Level Consultation Sessions.


12 December

Coordinated Universal Time / GMT

8am - Welcome

8.10am - Overview of GDC

8.25am - Keynote Speech

'The role of Diaspora Organizations in connecting migrants and communities for sustainable development'

8.40am - Examples of Diaspora Organizations' achievements in combatting Covid-19 pandemic

8.50am - Launch of GDC Week


On 18 December 2021, Diaspora Organizations in the world are invited to come together to participate in the world’s first Global Diaspora Assembly.


Over 1000 world’s diaspora organization leaders will be invited to represent and advocate for their communities, aiming to contribute to the advancement of 20 million diasporas.

Image by Matthias Wagner

Keynote Speakers from the United Nations

and Global Diaspora Confederation

Coordinated Universal Time / GMT

2pm - 2.20pm


Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Central America and the Caribbean, South America, and Oceania Presentations by Diaspora Organization leaders

Coordinated Universal Time / GMT

2.20pm - 3.20pm

Image by Benjamin Davies

Sharing about the Future of Global Diaspora Confederation with Diaspora Organizations in the world

Coordinated Universal Time / GMT

3.20pm - 3.30pm

1st Global Diaspora Week

- The Opening Remarks

1st Global Diaspora Assembly

- Future of GDC and Closing of Global Diaspora Week

1st Global Diaspora Assembly

- Message from International Board Trustees

1st Global Diaspora Assembly

- Summary of the Six Continental Days

1st Global Diaspora Assembly

- Questions and Answers from DOs

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