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Global Diaspora Academy  

8th - 14th December 2023 




The primary goal of the GDAcademy is to level up the capacity of member diaspora organizations by providing educational and skill development opportunities for their key leaders, communities and supporters to foster personal growth, professional advancement, and community empowerment. GDAcademy aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge among diaspora organizations, empowering them to engage in more impactful and effective activities in the future. 


This year during the GDWeek 2023, diaspora organizations are encouraged to organize capacity building activities for their communities on this week-long global celebration and solidarity building. More importantly, these activities will set an example to inspire many more DOs to organize their capacity building activities in the years to come. With a straightforward event application process, DOs can organize their events with their own choice of topic held online, offline or hybrid. The events’ outcome will potentially be accepted to exhibit at the Global Diaspora Expo.  


8-14 December

Online, Offline, Hybrid


Open to all Diaspora Organizations signing up their activities as
GDAcademy side events.


Diaspora Organizations’ representatives, diaspora communities, and diaspora stakeholders.

December 8, 2023: The Role of Ethnic Cards in the Context of Diaspora Politics

  • Speaker: Eugeniusz Kuznicow-Wyszyński, PhDc at the University of Warsaw

  • Event Type: Pre-recorded video presentation

  • Venue and Time: To be posted on all GDC Social Media Channels at 8:30 pm GMT

December 12, 2023: Masterclass On Achieving Diaspora Impact through Partnership Development and Management

  • Organizer: African Diaspora Network

  • Speakers:

    • Almaz Negash - Founder & Executive Director of African Diaspora Network;

    • Omolayo Nkem Oyudo - Director of Programs and Operations of African Diaspora Network;

    • Martin Russell - Founder, Global Diaspora Insights

  • Event type: Webinar

  • Venue and Time: Online at 4:30 pm GMT

  • Registration link: 

GD Academy Side Events

Suggested Activities:

  • A networking event to invite career mentors to meet with diaspora student communities. 

  • A workshop to teach diaspora members on making healthy meals. 

  • A roundtable for HR expats to share practices on equality, diversity and inclusion.  

  • A dinner to promote cultural awareness. 

  • A language school session for young diasporas to practice their learning language. 

  • An evening for diaspora professionals to meet with students wishing to gain experience to the diasporas’ country of origin. 

  • A seminar with asylum seekers on living in the host country.  

  • An online peer to peer meeting to discuss the ongoing challenges and innovative solutions of how DOs operate their humanitarian work.  

  • A session to present diaspora training toolkit for diaspora organizations. 

  • An hour training on fundraising and grant writing. 

  • A young diaspora influencer talk organized by a DO on effective communication and use of social media.

  • Brainstorming session on building community cohesion within a city.   

  • Diaspora exchange on potential fundraising opportunities to support specific issues desperately needed for the country of origin or host country.  

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