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Young Diaspora Talks

 - Pre-recorded to be published via GDC social media Platforms on 11 December 2023  

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The global diaspora community comprises diverse individuals, each with unique stories, experiences, and perspectives. The Young Diaspora Talks initiative seeks to provide a platform for young individuals from various diaspora organizations to share their ideas, journeys, and insights on the issues of building partnerships on local, regional, and global levels. 

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The main aim of the Young Diaspora Talks is to spotlight the voices and narratives of young diaspora representatives, to inspire change and celebrate the contributions of diaspora youth to a global community. These speakers will share their experiences, ambitions, and innovative ideas, providing a novel outlook on the challenges and opportunities that local, regional and global partnership can bring.


The GDC will extend invitations to young diaspora leaders with whom we have established connections, to participate in a pilot project aimed at preparing for the upcoming edition of the Young Diaspora Summit. The detailed guidelines and proposed topics for Talks will be provided to the speakers.


The Young Diaspora Talks will be realized by means of pre-recorded video of the young diaspora leaders, each delivering a 5 to 10-minutes speech. Their talks can be centered on personal stories, lessons learned, and ideas for addressing global issues.



  • To inspire individuals within and outside diaspora communities to engage young people in the partnership development and decision-making processes;

  • To raise awareness about positive diaspora contributions to sustainable development;

  • To encourage the diaspora communities to share their innovative ideas and solutions that have potential to be implemented in other diaspora communities;

  • To foster connections and collaborations among diaspora youth with the potential to create a network for shared learning and impact.

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