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Global Diaspora Week 2022


2nd Global Diaspora Week


all Diaspora Organizations

With the support of

11 - 17 December (UTC/GMT)

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Global Diaspora Week 2022

Opening Ceremony

Global Diaspora Assembly

17 December at 2pm GMT/UTC

Celebrating International Migrants Day and Closing Ceremony for GDWeek22


Leveling up our global diasporic impact for UN Agenda 2030

Global Diaspora Week and Assembly

As set forth in the Constitution of Global Diaspora Confederation, the GDC shall facilitate the ‘Global Diaspora Assembly’ for Diaspora Organizations to discuss, debate and make recommendations on subjects pertaining to diaspora and their supporting communities.

From 2021 onwards, the GDC aims to organize a week of global activities for Diaspora Organizations across six continents. Every year, the week provides more opportunities to achieve the ambitions of the Global Diaspora Assembly. We name this the 'Global Diaspora Week'.


7 Flagship Activities to be discussed
on every Continental Day

Global Diaspora Academy (GDAcademy)

The Global Diaspora Academy (GDAcademy) is the flagship training centre of the Global Diaspora Confederation.


GDC not only offers a platform for communication between DOs, but also a place and space for sharing knowledge and experience for supporting diasporas across the world and pioneering diasporic innovations.

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Global Diaspora Coordination (GDCoordination)


GDCoordination builds bridges between diaspora organizations and diaspora stakeholders.


Its purpose is to establish and systemize the global sector of diaspora organizations by strengthening diaspora engagement, streamlining communication and facilitate cooperation between diaspora organizations through representation and coordination at global, regional and national levels.


Global Diaspora Fair (GDFair)


As part of GDC’s 3S strategy to help diaspora organizations sustain, the Global Diaspora Fair (GDFair) aims to to bring together and enable DOs to promote their services and/or products to other GDC members, all groups interested in diasporas, and ordinary customers.


The Fair facilitates and improves diaspora organizations' social enterprising activities and partnerships with DO communities and stakeholders.

Global Diaspora Forum (GDForum)


We often hear how diasporas have been supported by major diaspora stakeholders but not the opposite. Communication gap between DOs and DO stakeholders remains wide.


Global Diaspora Confederation aims to address and fix this by organizing the Global Diaspora Forum (GDForum),  a global advocacy platform where Diaspora Organizations share their needs, challenges and good practices with DO stakeholders and fellow DOs.


Global Diaspora Expo (GDExpo)


The Global Diaspora Expo (GDExpo) is a non-commercial global event for Diaspora Organizations to share their achievements with their country stakeholders including diaspora-related government departments.


This event would globally showcase and celebrate contributions made by and for diasporas in countries of destination and origin.


Global Diaspora Festival (GDFestival)


The Global Diaspora Festival (GDFestival) is a global activity to raise the awareness of positivity of diaspora and diversity.


It aims to showcase the rich cultural heritage and efforts in promoting sustainable development of diasporas at a local level through activities peculiar to different cultures such as dances, games, art works, food and drinks, career sessions, etc. 

Global Diaspora Awards (GDAwards)


Global Diaspora Confederation is introducing the Global Diaspora Awards (GDAwards) Activity in order to acknowledge and recognize the contributions and achievements by Diaspora Organizations and potentially diaspora individuals and DO stakeholders.

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Theme: Shaping the Future of the Global Sector for Diaspora Organizations

GDWeek 2022 Open Ceremony

Day 1

11 December

UTC/GMT: 8am – 9am

Pacific Standard Time: 12am – 1am

New Zealand Time: 9pm – 10pm


Day 1

11 December

UTC/GMT: 9am – 11am

Turkey Time: 12pm – 2pm

Japan Standard Time: 6pm – 8pm


Day 6

16 December

UTC/GMT (15 December): 7am  – 9am

Australian Eastern Daylight Time: 6pm – 8pm

New Zealand Time: 8pm – 10pm


Day 2

12 December

UTC/GMT:  5pm – 7pm

West Africa Time: 6pm – 8pm

East Africa Time: 8pm – 10pm

South America

Day 5

15 December

UTC/GMT: 11pm – 1am

Ecuador Time: 6pm – 8pm

Brasilia Time: 8pm – 10pm


Day 3

13 December

UTC: 6pm – 8pm

GMT: 6pm – 8pm

Eastern European Time: 8pm – 10pm

North and Central America and the Caribbean

Day 4

14 December

UTC/GMT: 2am – 4am (15 December)

Pacific Standard Time: 6pm – 8pm

Eastern Standard Time: 9pm – 11pm

17 December

Global Diaspora Assembly

Day 7

UTC/GMT: 2pm – 3.30pm

Japan Standard Time: 11pm - 12.30am

Pacific Standard Time: 6am – 7.30am

New Zealand Time: 3am – 4.30am (18 December)

Refugee camp for syrian.jpg

Annual Humanitarian Assistance Meeting

13 December 2022 (Day 3)            UTC / GMT:   4pm - 5pm

The GDC and IOM will host the 2nd Annual Meeting on the collaborative work carried out in Humanitarian Assistance.

All diaspora organizations, partners, stakeholders, individual experts are welcome to register and join us as we present the year long effort in building GDC's new Global Diaspora Humanitarian Hub as a key global focal point for diaspora organizations.

The Annual Meeting will also aim to facilitate a special discussion on global camp coordination.

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Organized by

In partnership with

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Global Diaspora Week

Open Ceremony

11 December 2022

Coordinated Universal Time / GMT

8am - Keynote speeches

Welcome to the diaspora-led Global Diaspora Week for Diaspora Organizations across the world.

The Open Ceremony will celebrate the beginning and determination of Global Diaspora Confederation in working with Diaspora Organizations in the coming years. The ceremony will consist of keynote speeches to launch the week long events for the global diaspora.


Global Diaspora Assembly

On 17 December 2022 (GMT) / 18 December (New Zealand Time), Diaspora Organizations in the world are invited to come together to participate in the world’s first Global Diaspora Assembly.

We celebrate the solidarity for the global diaspora particularly those in need on this International Migrants Day.

Image by Kane Reinholdtsen

Keynote Speakers from the United Nations

and Global Diaspora Confederation

Coordinated Universal Time / GMT

2.05pm - 2.30pm


Launch of GDC Membership and Global Diaspora Humanitarian Hub

Coordinated Universal Time / GMT

2.30pm - 2.35pm


Global Panel by Diaspora Organization Leaders from Six Continents

Coordinated Universal Time / GMT

2.35pm - 3.05pm

Image by Benjamin Davies

Young Diaspora Engagement Project by Young Diaspora Representatives

Coordinated Universal Time / GMT

3.05pm - 3.10pm

Experts Panel

Questions & Answers, DO Sharing, Virtual Networking

Coordinated Universal Time / GMT


GDC Logo Campaign

Thanks to all designers who submitted for our logo campaign. The new logo is now in its final development stage. Though none of the designs were shortlisted for final selection, here are some of the ideas we want to exhibit as our thanks to all the input of contestants.

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