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Pascale Ramalingum

December 9, 2023 - Saturday: GDForum - Africa (1:00pm-3:00pm GMT)

Pascale Ramalingum is co-founder, alongside her brother, of the Liliane and Roland Foundation. As a fashion graduate and business entrepreneur, she is also a body-positive advocate, model, actor, and artist. She has been involved in many campaigns involving women's empowerment; she has also used her social media influence to promote a healthy lifestyle and boost women's confidence. As a business entrepreneur, working in the family business for more than a decade, she is a powerhouse when it comes to women in business, as she knows how difficult it can be to lead in a man’s world. Pascale has devoted her time to reading at the church celebration while giving lessons to catechumens and teaching French to others. Pascale is also a sports addict, she works out regularly, takes classical and Latin classes; and used to teach aerobics classes to women and young adult.

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