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Gaisu Yari

December 9, 2023 - Saturday: GDForum - Asia (7:00am-9:00am GMT)

Gaisu Yari is deeply committed to promoting and protecting human rights, particularly those of women and marginalized communities in Afghanistan. She believes in the power of dialogue and storytelling to create awareness and effect positive change. Gaisu's work also focuses on advocating for gender justice and equality, as well as addressing issues related to women's rights in Afghanistan. With her educational background and expertise in human rights, Gaisu is well-equipped to engage in meaningful discussions and drive social transformation. She uses her platform as a recognized public speaker to raise awareness about the challenges faced by Afghan women and promote the importance of gender equality in society. Gaisu Yari's work has garnered attention from various organizations and media outlets, making her a respected voice in the fight for human rights and gender justice in Afghanistan.

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