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Einstein Ntim

December 9, 2023 - Saturday: GDForum - Africa (1:00pm-3:00pm GMT)

Einstein Ntim leads Programming, Engagement, and Innovation at the Diaspora Affairs, Office of the President, connecting the global African diaspora to the homeland. His mission is to prepare people for the future by building tech talent to bridge the digital divide and inequality across emerging markets. He is the Chair of Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) educating startups, governments, and corporations, culminating as the fastest growing community of tech moguls, politicians and business leaders for upskilling talent. He is also Partner of the Africa Future Fund investing in initiatives that leverage advanced technologies to “leap frog” Africa’s future acceleration. Einstein provides access to tech & capital experts and speaks on topics covering diaspora engagement, digitisation, entrepreneurship, AI, Space, exponential technologies, mental health and emerging markets. Through GSE he also launched the largest tech summits series across emerging markets: Space Tech Summit, AI, Her Future Summit, Ghana Tech Summit, Haiti Tech Summit, Africa Future Summit & Tour: the largest tech tour in Africa.

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