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Dr. Paul Matsvai

December 9, 2023 - Saturday: GDForum - Africa (1:00pm-3:00pm GMT)

Dr Paul Matsvai is the Chief Executive Officer of the Zimbabwe Diaspora Nation Building Initiative (ZDNBI) a global Zimbabwean Diaspora Organisation that seeks to optimise Diaspora impact in enhancing nation building through engaged Diaspora agency that plays to the strengths of its members. He has also served as the inaugural Chairman of the Zimbabwe Diaspora Network UK- aUK-wide Zimbabwean Diaspora hub. He is an educationist who is passionate about coalescing the global Diaspora making them effective partners in nation building. He believes successful partnerships in large part are premised on trust, respect, transparency accountability and collective decision making. He also believes in the power of establishing synergies as best-fit model to enhance the impact of Diaspora Organisations.

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