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Consul General Senen T. Mangalile

December 10, 2023 - Sunday: GDForum - Northern and Central America and the Caribbean (8:00pm-10:00pm GMT)

Consul General Senen T. Mangalile assumed office at the Philippine Consulate General in New York in  January 2023. 

Mr. Mangalile holds the rank of Chief of Mission, Class II at the Department of Foreign Affairs which he  joined in 1997. 

He was Assistant Secretary of the Office of Consular Affairs in 2021-2022. In this role, he was responsible  for the efficient delivery of consular services to Filipino citizens and other stakeholders both at home and  abroad. He was credited for having stabilized the number of online passport appointments by opening  temporary satellite passport application sites and for pursuing digitization initiatives for various consular  services.  

He served as Senior Special Assistant to the Undersecretary for Civilian Security and Consular Affairs at the  time when the government was dealing with the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. He was  concurrent Director of the United States and Canada Divisions of the Office of American Affairs, primarily  responsible for managing the breadth and depth of Philippine bilateral relations with these countries. As  Director for Ceremonials at the Office of Protocol, he was responsible for ceremonial events participated  in by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, other senior officials of government, and foreign ministers and  ambassadors of other countries. As Principal Assistant at the Office of ASEAN Affairs, he assisted in  preparing for Philippine participation in various ASEAN high-level meetings. He was also detailed to the  Office of Presidential Protocol in Malacañang where he coordinated various activities of the President,  including outbound and inbound state visits. 

Abroad, he served as Minister at the Embassy of the Philippines in Berne, Switzerland. He was Deputy  Chief of Mission and Consul General at the Embassy of the Philippines in London, and Deputy Permanent  Representative at the Philippine Mission to the International Maritime Organization. As Consul General,  Mr. Mangalile was responsible for the protection and welfare of over 200,000 Filipino and Filipino-British  nationals living and working in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. He was  the first Consul General from an ASEAN country to be elected by his peers as President of the Consular  Corps of London (CCL), the oldest consular corps in the world, having been established in 1902. 

Mr. Mangalile was also previously posted as Consul and Administrative Officer at the Philippine Consulate  General Osaka-Kobe. He was also detailed as Chargé d’affaires, ad interim at the Philippine Embassy in  Ankara, Turkey. 

Mr. Mangalile holds the degrees Master of Science (with Distinction) in Diplomacy, Statecraft and Foreign  Policy from Loughborough University, United Kingdom, and Bachelor of Arts, Major in Philosophy from  Immaculate Conception Major Seminary, Philippines. He attended the Master of Arts, Major in Philosophy  program of the Ateneo de Manila University from 1990 to 1992 and entered the University of the  Philippines College of Law in 1993. 

He attended executive courses at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Australian National Centre  for Ocean Resources and Security, Korea Development Institute, the Malaysian Institute of Diplomacy and  Foreign Relations, and the Asian Institute of Management. 

In 2015 Mr. Mangalile was received as a Freeman of the City of London in one of the oldest surviving  traditional ceremonies still in existence today, having been first presented in 1237. In 2014, he was  conferred the Gawad Dangal ng Lipi, the highest award that his home province of Bulacan, Philippines 

confers. In 2017, his hometown of Baliwag, Bulacan followed suit by honoring him with the Dangal ng  Baliwag Award. 

He is a member of the Rotary Club of Manila (RCM) and is currently Managing Editor of balita, RCM’s club  bulletin. He is a Knight Grand Officer of the Knights of Rizal (KGOR), a member of KOR Foreign Service  Chapter, and recipient of the KOR Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) and Distinguished Service Star (DSS).  He is an Honorary Member of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Philippine – New York Chapter. 

Before joining the Philippine Foreign Service, Mr. Mangalile served as Public Relations Officer at the  Philippine National Bank (PNB) when it was still the government bank. Prior to this, he was a high school  teacher at Immaculate Conception School for Boys (ICSB), Malolos, Bulacan, and college instructor at the  Philosophy Department of Immaculate Conception Major Seminary, Guiguinto, Bulacan. 

He is married to the former Maria Fe H. Barcelon, with whom he has two daughters.

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