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Andra-Lucia Martinescu

December 8, 2023 - Friday: GDForum - Europe (5:00pm-7:00pm GMT)

Andra-Lucia is pursuing a part-time PhD in the geopolitical history of the Black Sea at University of Cambridge in the UK. In 2018 she founded The Diaspora Initiative (TDI) with Catalina Moisescu, a non-profit and independent research project registered in Luxembourg, focusing on migration and diaspora analysis. Andra-Lucia addresses a variety of topics, with her most recent publications focusing on: the war in Ukraine, humanitarian and ecological impacts, concepts of resistance and resilience in a conflict zone (building on extensive field investigations). Andra is an EUDiF (EU Global Diaspora Facility) affiliated expert, and since last year, she has been coordinating humanitarian operations for Ukraine.

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