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Launch of The Global Diaspora Week 2023

In December 2021, the Global Diaspora Confederation with the support of International Organization for Migration, Un-Migration (IOM) launched its first Global Diaspora Week (GDWeek) centered on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The week-long event had in attendance diaspora organization leaders, supporters and stakeholders who shared their insights and experience working towards the actualization of the SDGs.
Three years later, Global Diaspora Week is here again. Harnessing last years’ successful progress on event ideas, GDWeek 2023 will be promoting the theme of ‘Global Partnership’ linking to SDG17 as an avenue to accelerate all other SDGs. This we will achieve by embarking on two of our major activities – Global Diaspora Forum (GDForum) and Global Diaspora Academy (GDAcademy).
GDWeek 2023 will comprise a diverse lineup of events and activities designed to foster collaboration, solidarity and empowerment for diaspora organizations. Join us from 8 to 14 December as we embark on a journey to spotlight the incredible contributions of diaspora organizations particularly on your successful examples of working with your partners.
Snippets of Events:

Global Diaspora Forum (GDForum)- (8-10 December)
Diaspora Training Toolkit- (12 December)
Annual Humanitarian Meeting- (13 December)
Young Diaspora Leaders Talk- (8-14 December)
Global Diaspora Academy (GDAcademy)- (8-14 December)
Global Diaspora Assembly (GDAssembly): The Grand Finale- (14 December)

For more information and to register, please click on the link:



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