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Final call to attend 3rd Global Diaspora Assembly

The 3rd Global Diaspora Assembly (GDAssembly) will be held on 14 December from 2pm to 3:30pm GMT/UTC. GDAssembly will be marking the success of this year's #GDWeek theme "Collective Diaspora Impact in the context of Global Partnership".

It is our great honor that Ms Ugochi Daniels, Deputy Director General for Operations at the International Organization for Migration (IOM), UN Migration will be giving us the closing remarks for the Global Diaspora Week 2023.

Join us on the 14th as a panel of senior leaders of Diaspora Organizations from six regions of the world will be summarizing the collective impact of the inaugural Global Diaspora Forum while also celebrating the success of the Global Diaspora Academy's activities this week. We will also be hearing from young diaspora representatives who have been preparing their ideas on the future Young Diaspora Summit (YDS).

Please register to attend here

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